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13th to 16th November 2014
The WRC Wales Rally is taking place between 13th and 16th November 2014, this is having a major impact on accommodation in the Deeside and Chester area.

You want to stay in a hotel you use regularly but it's outside policy
Talk to us and we will talk to the hotel and try and negotiate a rate on your behalf. If you have a personal contact at the hotel, let them know that we will be in touch and provide us with their details and we will do what we can to bring the rate into the Iceland criteria. Please do not negotiate directly, it causes lots of problems!

Two of you are travelling to the same destination and want to share a room out of policy?
People have done this already in central London. As long as the room cost divided by two, including breakfast, does not exceed the policy (per head), then there is no reason not to do it. You can book the room on the system with two occupants and the booking will not show up on the OOPs (out of policy) report. The company will not expect you to share rooms on normal business (other than at conferences), it is a personal choice.

The only accommodation available is outside policy?
Talk to us on 0844 800 8802 or email help@icemeet. We will check what is available and book the cheapest suitable room, as close to the policy as we can - and because we have booked it, it will not appear on the OOPs (out of policy) report.

If in doubt please call us before you do anything


The average room rates in London & Edinburgh have increased by as much as 13% since May.  Where possible, we encourage travellers to avoid staying in city centres, or booking accommodation in advance. 

The way the Iceland hotel policy is managed has changed. There been more scrutiny on hotel and meeting spend since 1st April. 

Everyone is being encouraged to think about their travel plans as a whole in order to reduce cost. If you can't find a hotel in policy, the IceMeet team will look for you. If you are offered an alternative and you choose not to accept it, your booking will go onto the 'OOPs (out of policy) report.

The Iceland accounts team are also monitoring:

- the correct use of billback
- that the correct claims are being made when 'Paying overspend personally' is selected
- that breakfast claimed separately from hotel room does not take the combined total out of policy  

If you have questions you can call the team at any time on 0844 800 8802


The Cascade Hotels team are available anytime during office hours (8.30am - 5.30pm Monday - Friday) on the IceMeet number 0844 800 8802 for help with the system or with individual bookings.

For Meetings and Groups, including amendments and cancellations, please call the team directly.

If you are travelling and there is a problem at the hotel, with the reservation, availability of a room or payment, there is a helpline number manned by one of the team between 6.30am and 11.00pm.

RAIL - If you need to make an amendment to your booking, cancel your booking or wish to receive a refund, please contact Assertis directly on 0203 207 9663. Refund forms can be obtained above.  
If you need help or advice, you can contact the IceMeet team on 0844 800 8802.