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Iceland's Charitable Event


Iceland's Charitable Event

12th September 2019, Carden Park



From 8.30am         Registration is open at the clubhouse
10am                  Tee off time



From 9.30am          Registration is open at the clubhouse
10.30am              Golfers to make their way to their buggies
11am                  Tee off time


From 7.30pm       Guests arrival for dinner     
8pm                      All guests to be seated for dinner
12.00am                Bar closes
12.30am              Carriages


Dress code for the evening is lounge suits.

Event Information

Event Information


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Event Organiser Hollie Lovell at Cascade Productions on 0161 969 6699 or email


Please go to the accommodation page to see what rates we have available at local hotels. 

Golf Information

Golf Information


1.      A Shamble is played by all players driving, from which the best drive is selected and all four players then play their own individual ball from there.

2.      All scoring is Stableford and the Team Shamble score is the total of the BEST TWO Stableford scores at each hole. There is no individual competition.

3.      Each player must have his or her tee shot selected at least FOUR TIMES, which counts as every player’s first shot on each hole.

The player whose tee shot is selected always plays first, playing the ball as it lies. All remaining players should drop their ball within one club length, not nearer the hole, of the tee shot they select to be in the best position – including bunkers.

4.      A record should be kept of each player’s GROSS SCORE, STABLEFORD POINTS and the TEAM SCORE in the relevant columns.

The player with the lowest handicap should mark the card for the team.

5.      The maximum handicap for the event is 28 for men and 36 for ladies. Players receive ¾ of their handicap up to these limits thus receiving a maximum of 21 shots for men and 27 for ladies.

6.      To avoid slow play, players must pick up if they obviously cannot score or contribute to the team at any hole.

7.      All players must check and sign the team card and return it to The Iceland Tournament Office immediately on completion of their round.



A mulligan is a second chance to perform an action, usually after the first chance went wrong through bad luck or a blunder.

It is £10 to play - please make sure you have cash on you if you would like to participate.



Place your £5 wager (payable on the day) to hit the green!
Please make sure you have cash on you if you would like to participate.